Nano Enterprise Management. Products.

General data
If you have a small range of goods, there is no need to enter the category, brands, SKUs and other details; a simple list of products is sufficient. If there are many goods, you can also enter categories. And if there are many categories, you can enter category groups. Then you will have a three-level product catalog. The "Color" field is used for coloring the item in the list. For example, out-of-date items can be designated in red.
A product may consist of other products (components). Components are added to the product on the "More" tab. And how these components are used is determined in the "Assembly method" field of goods on the "Others" tab. There are two methods 1. Sales Kit. If such a product is added to a sales order, the components will enter the specification in its place.
2. Assembly. This item enters the sales order with the components. It can then be sent to the facility for assembling from the components. Or create a manufacturing order without an order on the basis of such item.
Item type
Goods are of two types "Products" and "Services". Inventory control is not conducted by services.