Record the work performed and deviations from the work schedule of your employees and calculate the hourly salary at the established rates

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Work schedules

Individual work schedules for each employee (Main schedule, First shift, Second shift, etc.)

Deviation Calendar

Deviations from the work schedule (Overtime, Holidays, Sick leave, Vocations, Unpaid leave, etc.)

Hourly salary

Payroll calculation based on hours worked, fines, bonuses and work performed. Printing of Salary slips

Person card file

Storage of arbitrary data about employees (marital status, professional skills, studies, etc.)

  • Actual hours worked
  • Accounting for work performed. Project work
  • Search for employees by photos
  • Departments and positions of employees
  • Configure Additional Fields
  • Database backup

Nano Employee Timesheet is a program for accounting of actual hours worked by the enterprise employees. Data entry and reports generating process is simplified as much as possible and will not require special knowledge. Method of recording of work schedule deviations (absence, arriving late, overtime, holidays etc.) is used. Each employee has personal work schedule and hourly rate. All these data are used for hourly rate payroll over any period, for example, a week, two weeks or a month. In addition separate accounting of fines and rewards (bonuses) is kept. Entry of the list of work completed is also available for calculation of price wage.
Operation principle.
Actual hours worked are calculated based on work schedule of each employee and list of schedule deviations. Work schedule is set in the employee card on the “Schedule” tab. National holidays are considered in the schedule as well.

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