Take orders from customers for repairs, service and warranty and distribute work orders between the technicians of the company

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Repair and maintenance orders

The order indicates the client, contract number, serial number of the equipment, warranty

Work orders for technicians

List of works and materials for repair and maintenance of customer equipment

Accounting for materials used

How many and what materials were used by technicians for any period

Payment for work performed

The technician is paid the cost of all work along with minus the commission

  • Keep records of requests for service and work orders for the technicians
  • Plan the work of technicians
  • Keep records of of work performed and the money paid for these masters work
  • Keep records of the parts used
  • Search for work orders by name, number, project, status, priority, customer, type of equipment, serial number, and other parameters
  • Maintain a directory of clients, works, parts, etc.
  • Get a report on the amount of work performed, materials and money paid for the selected period.
  • Synchronize database with iCloud

Simple service requests management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB). It works with a local database.

Every request for service is recorded as a work order in the program. It binds together the technician, based on his work schedule. Each work order keeps records of work and materials, payment of wages to the technicians, as well as the history of all events on along.

The program allows you to visually see the load of technicians in graphic form in the calendar. The work orders can be moved easily in calendar, ensuring balanced load of technicians.

The program has a powerful search tools. You can easily find any work order by name, number, status, priority, type and serial number of equipment, project, etc.

The accumulated data in the work orders is used in system reports.

Any list of the program, including the reports can be sent as an attachment in CSV format via email.

The local database can be archived in zip-format. This archive can be sent by e-mail, or read on iCloud or using iTunes. You can download archive from iCloud to your device and restore a database from it.

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