Rent hotel rooms, cars, books, construction equipment and any other objects in a convenient and visual way

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Application features

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Monthly booking schedule

Room reservation taking into account the minimum and maximum number of days and seasonal prices

Types of Booking Objects

Hotel rooms, country houses, cars, books, construction equipment, sports equipment, etc.

Room Service Accounting

Repair, cleaning daily, general, etc. Accounting of the staff

Price lists and seasonal prices

Unlimited price lists and seasonal prices for quick price changes

  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual rentals
  • Room Equipment
  • Interior photos
  • Additional services (transfer, meals, etc.)
  • Keep accurate records of clients and suppliers
  • Payment control
  • Room service accounting (cleaning, repair, etc.)
  • Dashboard. All information about your business in one place.
  • Multiuser work. Work with a local database or with a shared SQL server.
  • Export and import of data through iCloud and Dropbox.

The application lets you quickly organize employee records and determine the available rooms at your hotel or country cottage. The application makes it easy for you to track trends in booked and vacant rooms over the next few days, to monitor the average occupancy rates over a selected period of time, to keep a record of equipment in rooms and to monitor the condition of this equipment, as well as to adjust prices based on the season, room category, and the current demand.

All information is presented in an easy-to-read manner, and it is possible to generate a detailed report on the basis of any parameter. If there is too much information, you can always take advantage of advanced filters for a variety of attributes and parameters.

Finally, the application allows you to add photos of each room in order to make it easier for your guests to picture themselves at your facility as well as to maintain detailed records of receipts and expenditures so that you never miss a required payment and always know who owes you and how much.

Key features

  1. Book your room in view of the minimum and maximum number of days for each room.
  2. Keep detailed info on rooms with any number of characteristics.
  3. Keep detailed info on equipment of rooms.
  4. Seasonal rates.
  5. Monthly schedule of room reservation.

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