Nano Enterprise Management. Configurator of goods.

By means of the configurator, you may form a specification and price for the order of complicated goods such as computer, car, furniture etc. The application will offer you to select the parameters of such item of goods successively. Besides, the parameters may be dependent. For example, computer casing depends on the type of motherboard.
Adjustment and work with configurator is performed in the "Sales - Configurator" menu. In the demonstration base there are already two configurators, which will help you to gain insight into operation principle of this module. Pay attention, that "Toyota Camry" test configurator does not use the goods from the goods catalogue of the application. All parameters are textual and entered as data sets in the configurator itself.
The second "Personal computer" configurator uses the goods (components) from the goods catalogue as parameters.
To adjust the configurator press the "Setting configurator" button in the "Sales - Configurator" menu. Here you may add a group of configurators and new type of the configurator. The same operations are available in the adjustments of the directories.
In the type of the configurator you may indicate an item of goods (assembly unit), which will be added to the order. It is necessary to adjust the parameters of the configurator after adding its type. To do this click on the name of the necessary configurator in the list and open the window of parameters. Press the "+" button and enter, fill in the parameter fields. The purpose of these fields is the following:
  1. Name - parameter name.
  2. Type - parameter type. String - is entered manually, number - is entered manually, item of goods - is selected from the goods catalogue, color - is selected from the directories. End of cycle is used for cyclic parameter selection. Cycle start is indicated in the "Depends on" field.
  3. Select from - if "Entry of the value" is selected, then it is entered when the parameter is being selected. If "From the data set" is selected - the parameter value may be selected only from the data set previously prepared for this parameter. To adjust the data set press the "Data set" button on the "More" tab in the parameter card.
  4. Depends on - another parameter of the configurator, this parameter will depend on, is indicated. If such dependence is indicated, then it is necessary to enter the values for every driving parameter in the data set.
  5. By default - is used for string and numeric parameters as preferable value. The category of the goods may be indicated in this field for the goods.
  6. Sorting order - the order, the parameters will be selected in, when creating the client’s order.
  7. Generate code - if it is set up, then the parameter forms the code of the final configuration, for example, SED / 4DOOR / FRONT / MT / DZ / 1.6 TDI. This code will be added in the note to the order specification and may be shown in the invoice for the client. For string and numeric parameters the code is entered in the data set, and for the goods the "Short name" field from the card of the item of goods is used.
  8. Change quantity - if it is set up, you may indicate the quantity as well, when selecting the parameter. For example, the quantity of memory modules.
  9. Required parameter - if it is set up, then you will need to select one of the parameter values. Otherwise, you can press the "Ignore" button and go to the next parameter immediately.
After adjustment of the parameters, the configurator is ready for operation.