Applications for iOS & OS X (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Nano InventoryNano Inventory

Simple inventory control application for your mobile device. It works with a local database. Reads barcodes and QR-codes.

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Nano Enterprise ManagementNano Enterprise Management

Management of purchases, sales, warehouse, simple manufacturing and finance for small business on your mobile device.

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Nano Sales ManagerNano Sales Manager

Application for the effective organization of process of sales and work with clients. Also the module of purchases is included.

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Nano Hotel BookingNano Hotel Booking

The application for booking of private hotels and cottages. For owners of hotels and brokers.

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Nano Balance SheetNano Balance Sheet

The application for getting the financial information (balance, etc.) about the company or person.

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Nano Service BookingNano Service Booking

Application can be used by small and medium-sized businesses to book clients for services.

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Nano Home InventoryNano Home Inventory

Personal belongings tracking application for your mobile device. Track warranty information and costs for improvement and repair

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Nano Service ManagementNano Service Management

Simple and user-friendly service requests management software for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

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Nano Employee TimesheetNano Employee Timesheet

The application for accounting of actually worked hours by employees of the enterprise and hourly wage.

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Welcome to our collection of simple and convenient iOS and OS X applications for small- and medium-sized businesses!

Here you will find almost everything you need to automate the operation of your small business: from procurement, sales and inventory management to the allocation of incoming orders and booking of rooms in hotels. The main advantages of our apps include the easy-to-use interface, flexible data export functions, and the ability to work offline. Install the appropriate applications on your smartphone and tablet, and you will have your entire business at your fingertips. Your local database can easily fit directly on your mobile device, and any document can be effortlessly printed using AirPrint technology. Even if your mobile device fails or is lost, all data can be easily restored from a backup that can either be downloaded as a ZIP-file to your computer or sent to iCloud, iTunes, or Dropbox. In addition, all reports can be exported in CSV format and sent by e-mail. The information is all about your business and contains nothing extraneous!

You can read more about each application below.

Nano Inventory

The "Nano Inventory" app makes it extremely simple to manage your inventory from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Every product is assigned an individual entry that contains complete information about the product as well as a unique bar code that makes it easy to enter all product movements directly into the database using your mobile device's camera. Advanced search and categorization allows you to clearly organize your entire product range and find products using whatever method you find most convenient, including search by product name, SKU, photo, bar code, brand, and other parameters.

In addition, you can specify prices at the time when you take delivery of products, and when they are sold you can record the sale prices and then prepare detailed reports on sales volumes and margins.

Finally, the application allows you to keep detailed accounting of all contractors, financial transactions, product transactions, and balances and debts, so whatever statistics that you need will always be at hand.

Nano Enterprise Management

"Nano Enterprise Management" is a simple, yet powerful application for small and medium-sized businesses that provides you with an efficient way of overseeing purchases, sales, production, inventories, and finances right from your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch – and all without needing an Internet connection or having to know any special skills.

The main task of the app is to provide effective management of product purchases and sales at small companies that provide services to the general public (car repair shops, beauty salons, etc...) or that are engaged in simple manufacturing (assembly of computers, manufacture of furniture, etc...). Thanks to its precise modular structure, all changes in one module are instantly reflected in the others.

You can also take advantage of the easy-to-use configuration tool to flexibly adjust settings for various attributes (for example, new products that arrive at the warehouse will instantly become available to be ordered while factoring in characteristics such as color, size, material, etc.). The special service planner allows you to flexibly manage resources. For example, you can distribute incoming orders to various technicians based on their work schedules, rates, and specializations.

All information is visible in real time, so you can always check the number of fulfilled orders and payments received, the amount of inventory and the level of your cash reserves. Deposits and withdrawals have been simplified to the greatest degree possible, so even an inexperienced user can easily make sense of them.

Another significant advantage is the app's beautiful and easy-to-read reports with flexible filters that allow you to instantly create custom reports for any specified time period and based on specified input parameters. The most important information is collected in the "Marginal Revenue" report, where you can view your total profits for a selected time interval broken up by region, customer, store, or other factors.

Moreover, the application comes with a tutorial database for your convenience. As soon as you learn your way around the application you can feel free to delete the test data and upload your own.

Nano Sales Manager

The "Nano Sales Manager" allows you to organize a transparent sales process: from the initial contact with a potential buyer to converting him into a regular customer.

One of the key features of the application is the sales funnel, which reflects the stages of this process in the form of an inverted pyramid. Each step corresponds to a single stage, where the very bottom shows the number of customers who actually bought a product or ordered a service. The sales funnel allows you to identify the "bottlenecks" and to understand the particular stage at which you lost the most potential buyers.

The "Nano Sales Manager" automates not only short, but also long cycle business sales processes. If the buyer finds your company and immediately places an order, then all you need to do is to fulfill the order, accept payment, and close the application. If you have just entered into complex negotiations with the client, use the built-in "Organizer" module: In addition, the application supports the ability to add photos to the product catalog, allowing you to monitor your warehouse inventory, to factor in demand for products based on current inventory and fluctuations in demand, to keep track of debtor and creditor activity, to work with suppliers using the "Procurement" module, and to adjust tax rates and generate reports based on a variety of indicators.

Nano Balance

"Nano Balance" is a convenient mobile app for formatting various financial reports not only at the level of your entire company, but also broken down on the basis of each individual employee, client or supplier.

All that you need to do is to regularly log all of your business transactions in the transaction log. "Nano Balance" will independently determine each transaction type and transfer each transaction into the General Ledger, from which you can generate a variety of reports, including: "Trial Balance", "Balance", "Profit and Loss Statement", "Statement of Changes in Equity", "Cash Flow Report", "Accounts Receivable", "Accounts Payable" and so on.

Templates for standard transactions and business transactions come preloaded in the app, but you can also customize your own. "Nano Balance" ships with a sample ledger with sample business transactions, opening balances, and other test data to help you quickly get used to the application. And as soon as you learn your way around, you can remove anything that you do not need and start entering actual data about your company.

Nano Hotel Booking

The "Nano Hotel Booking" app lets you quickly organize employee records and determine the available rooms at your hotel or country cottage. The application makes it easy for you to track trends in booked and vacant rooms over the next few days, to monitor the average occupancy rates over a selected period of time, to keep a record of equipment in rooms and to monitor the condition of this equipment, as well as to adjust prices based on the season, room category, and the current demand.

All information is presented in an easy-to-read manner, and it is possible to generate a detailed report on the basis of any parameter. If there is too much information, you can always take advantage of advanced filters for a variety of attributes and parameters.

Finally, the application allows you to add photos of each room in order to make it easier for your guests to picture themselves at your facility as well as to maintain detailed records of receipts and expenditures so that you never miss a required payment and always know who owes you and how much.

Nano Services Booking

The "Nano Services Booking" app can help small businesses to effectively plan their allocation of human resources and allocate incoming orders from clients. You will be able to clearly see how many orders each of your employees has completed or is performing, the amount of each of these orders, as well as what services and employees are in the most demand among customers. This is especially important for companies that offer everyday services to the general public: auto repair shops, beauty salons, fitness centers, dry cleaners, laundries, and so on.

All key functions are implemented on the basis of the table of available services. The app informs you of available employees and those currently working on projects, as well as their work schedule and the limitations of each workstation (e.g., whether the station has or lacks equipment required to perform certain services). As soon as you place an order in the table of available services, it will be immediately assigned to a selected specialist, working place and time, which greatly simplifies further monitoring and tracking.

Nano Home Inventory

With the "Nano Home Inventory" app, you can easily keep track of your personal property and finances. You will always find what you are looking for, will never forget to renew your house or car insurance, and will not miss any payments. In addition, as you enter more data in the application, it will be able to show you at a glance your maintenance and repair costs, and this information will be able to allow you to make clear determinations about whether it is worth maintaining a particular piece of property.

For each item "Nano Home Inventory" will let you upload photos, SKUs, and barcodes, assign categories, specify the technical condition (excellent, good or poor), and status (used, lost, under repair, leased), as well as add other comments.

The software's convenient search functions will allow you to quickly find the desired database entry. You can search not only by name, but also by bar code, status, and picture. The detailed repair histories simplify the process of monitoring costs for materials and human resources for all organizations and suppliers with whom you collaborate.

"Nano Home Inventory" is more than just an app for keeping track of your personal property. It can also be used to manage other areas of your personal finances: cash, bank deposits, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and so on. You can easily trace income and expenditures by category, dates and times, available balances and contractors, as well as generate charts on the basis of any indicator.

Nano Service Management

"Nano Service Management" is a reliable tool for managing work orders at small and medium-sized businesses. A work order is generated for each service or technical support request, which is then assigned to an available staff member. The app keeps a detailed history of changes to each work order, and it takes account of time spent and materials, and it also issues payments to the individual technicians. All information about ongoing and planned projects can clearly be seen in the calendar. These data can be used to make determinations about where to reallocate staff if work has been distributed unevenly or a more urgent task has come up.

The app's powerful and flexible search functions let you quickly find the required work order by using any attribute, starting with the name, number, project or priority to the serial number of the individual piece of equipment that was used to carry out the work. Furthermore, a detailed report can be generated on the basis of any indicator in real time.

Nano Employee Timesheet

The "Nano Employee Timesheet" application provides you with an easy and convenient way of logging the actual hours worked, vacation and sick leave of each employee at your company. In addition, the software lets you account for any deviations from the work schedule (absenteeism, tardiness, overtime, time-off, unpaid leave) and to calculate payments for any period of time on the basis of an hourly wage rate and additional penalties or bonuses.

The application functions on the basis of the company's staffing lists and the individual schedules of employees, which can be adjusted in the "Schedule" tab for each employee taking into account public and corporate holidays as specified in the "Handbook." Any deviations from the schedule can be entered in the list of deviations or directly in the Calendar in the "Table" tab.

And finally, all the main indicators can be visualized in charts as well as exported in CSV format and then sent by email or printed to a printer via AirPrint.