Nano Enterprise Management. Utilities.

Backing up the database
To avoid data loss, we recommend making regular backups of the database. To do this, perform the following steps:
  1. Select "Backup" in the "Utilities" menu.
  2. Click the button to create a new archive.
The archive that contains data on the current moment will open.

Data recovery
To restore data from the archive:
  1. Click the name of the archive that contains the data you need.
  2. Click the "Recover" button.
  3. You will see a warning about deleting data with their replacement with those, contained in the archive. Click "Yes" if you really want to restore the data from the selected archive.

Sending an archive to iCloud, e-mail
You can store a created archive with data in a remote storage facility or e-mail. To send the archive to a storage facility or mail, click on the name of the file and then click on “Send to iCloud”, “Send to email”.

Deleting archive
To delete the archive with data:
  1. Click "Change".
  2. Click on the icon, located to the left of the archive name.
  3. Click "Delete".
  4. Click "Done".

Clear the Database
"Clear the Database" is used to delete all data, stored in the application. To clear the database:
  1. Choose "Clear the Database" in the "Utilities" menu.
  2. Choose the parameters to be deleted.
  3. Click the "Clear" button.

Import from CSV
Performed by the "Utilities" - "Import from CSV" menu. Three files are already in the files list:
  1. Companies.csv - an example of a CSV-file with organizations. You can use it as a template for importing your vendors and clients.
  2. Products.csv - an example of a CSV-file with goods.
  3. Readme.csv. Click on the file to read the brief instructions.

File format requirements
  1. UTF8 data encoding.
  2. Field separators: comma, semicolon, or tabulation.
  3. Field marks – double quotes.
  4. The first string should contain the field names of the goods or contractor. See the sample files for importing: Products.csv and Companies.csv. You can use any fields from the card of the goods or the contractor. The order of the fields is not important.
  5. Goods are synchronized by the fields Id, SKU, Barcode, and Name.
  6. Contractors are synchronized by the fields Id and Name.
  7. If the goods file includes a column titled "Warehouse 1", "Inflow into warehouse" operation will be set up.

How to upload a csv-file to your device
  1. Connect your mobile device to a computer.
  2. In the iTunes program, select the device and click the Programs tab.
  3. In the General files section, select the Nano Enterprise program.
  4. Drag the file to the Document window.

Sync between Mac Version and iOS App
  1. How do I send a database from mobile device to Mac.
    • In the menu "Utilities - Backup" make a backup copy of the database.
    • Send this database (zip- file) to iCloud, email or Dropbox.
  2. How do I download a database into Mac program (for version 1.40 and higher).
    • In the menu "Utilities - Backup" click iCloud to download an archive database from iCloud.
    • Or drag fro Finder to the window the archive database from Dropbox or received one via email or iTunes.
    • Click on the appropriate file and click "Restore". The current database will be replaced with the archive.
    • Attention !!! Do not forget to make a backup of the current database before restoring from backup.
  3. How do I send a database from Mac to a mobile device.
    • In the menu "Utilities - Backup" make a backup copy of the database.
    • Send this database (zip- file) to iCloud.
    • Or send it to Dropbox. To do this in the menu "Utilities - Backup" click "Show in Finder" andВ В copy the archive to the application folder in Dropbox.
  4. How do I download the database into a mobile application.
    • In the menu "Utilities - Backup" click iCloud, to download an archive database from iCloud.
    • In the menu "Utilities - Backup" click Dropbox, to download an archive database from Dropbox.
    • With the help of iTunes.


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