Nano Enterprise Management. About the program. Mobile version.

Nano Enterprise Management - application for management of purchase order, sales, stocks, common production and finances for small business.
The process of data input and receiving reports is simplified as much as possible and does not require special skills. It works with a local database.
The application gives the full information about the financial status of your business, balances with contractors, and the availability of goods at warehouses.

Account is made of goods and cash movements in your company in the application with the help of various types of business transaction journals. This journal is located in the "More" - "Finances" - "All transactions" tab in the mobile version and in "Finances" - "All transactions" mene in the desktop version. One part of transactions influences the quantity of goods at the warehouses, the other, the money held on the bank accounts. Transaction amounts are involved in balance settlements with vendors and clients. Goods transactions contain goods specification.
Sales transactions are created from the sales orders card. Purchases transactions are created from the purchase orders card. Manufacturing transactions are created from the manufacturing orders card. Warehouses operations are created directly from the transactions journal. Sales and purchases orders do not change the balance with organizations and are only a reflection of your intentions to purchase or sell something.
Manufacturing orders can be created from an order or an order list (production to warehouse).
Projects combine transactions of different types. They are used for analytical purposes in reports.